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Counselling, Coaching, Consulting


Thank you for visiting my website. I can offer you one-on-one mental health and addiction counselling, individual coaching sessions or consulting services on projects and initiatives you are working on. Whatever it is please know that I value your time and appreciate your trust in me.

You will find a direct link to my Psychology Today profile further down the page. 

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Counselling, Coaching, Consulting

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Experience & Hope

I specialize in helping people who are struggling with anxiety/mood/personality disorders and/or addictions. I particularly like working with 'stuck clients'; those people who know they want or need change but aren't sure how to get there. I love acting as a guide to help people establish goals, giving them the skills necessary to meet those goals and to cope with life stresses along the way.


Whether it's drug, alcohol or behavioural addictions, anxiety, depression, relationship or career issues, anger or grief; you are likely feeling like you can't keep dealing with it on your own. You are likely right.

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Guidance & Support

Recovery Coaching- Slightly different to the more therapeutic addictions counselling I do I like to call this approach- "Real talk with a touch of zen."

Mindfulness Coaching- While my approach to counselling is steeped in mindfulness, not everyone who could benefit from mindfulness needs full therapeutic counselling. 

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Happy Hiking

“She [he] was never quite ready. But she [he] was brave.

And the Universe listens to brave.”

Rebecca Ray

Knowledge & Passion

I have spent over 15 years in the non-profit sector in both direct service and management. I have written a number of local, provincial and federal grants and consulted in areas related to youth, harm reduction and addiction treatment. I have hosted a number of community forums on issues related to mental health and addiction and have delivered a number of presentations in the community on these issues. 

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